British Museum and Classroom Recap

Today is Friday, July 5th and already there is so much to look back at from throughout the week. After a welcoming reception on Sunday, classes commenced Monday morning and the program hit the ground running. The Nation Building course started the week with an introductory session on Monday but picked the pace up quickly with a field trip to the British Museum on Tuesday, the 2nd. The museum itself was massive and housed artifacts from across the globe. The exhibit that I found particularly interesting was the Native American artifacts and culture display from British Columbia. In the classroom the major topics discussed over the first few sessions were the distinct characteristics of nations and states. Also discussed were the effects of colonialism in Africa and the lasting effects that have left many former colonies in poor political and economic condition. After a few days of learning how to use the underground it has become the best way to navigate the city and is particularly very easy. On Tuesday after class a group of us enjoyed walking around and seeing the sites in Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden. One of the most unique attractions I have seen thus far is the open-air Borough market. The market offers all kinds of free samples ranging from goose sausage, which was exquisite: to great breads, cheeses, teas, olive oils and more. The borough market is located close to the river Thames making it a perfect destination for a picnic. As far as cuisine I have not yet tried the British staple of fish and chips, but have had some great food from local Southwark restaurants. Particularly I would recommend “The Cut” and “Lord Nelsons”. 

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