Degenerate Art

While jogging through the city I was invited into a gallery of graffiti under the Waterloo train station between Leake St. and Lower Marsh. When entering the underpass I first spotted a group of guys skateboarding and then a man putting up a fresh tag on the wall. I was about to just jog through but decided to stop and talk to the artist. Turns out his name was Masimo and he was originally from the island of Sardinia. He had a thick Italian accent but spoke pretty good english. We continued to talk about his history in graffiti painting, which he has been doing for four years, and what type of tags he enjoyed doing. Back in Italy he went by the tag name of Masta, but here in London he now goes by Chips. Overall, it was cool to experience this underground culture first-hand. If anyone plans on looking at I would suggest going during the day.




Painting by famous British graffiti artist called Banksy

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