London’s Parks

What I have come to love most about the city of London is its parks. Jogging through the central London parks has become one of my favorite things to do while here. The fact that the city has designated and protected such large pieces of land for public use is such a great feature to an already amazing city. The parks themselves are filled with monuments commemorating war heroes and various events from London history. It seems every time I run through I see something new that catches my eye. One of my favorite memorials is located in Green Park and it commemorates all the airmen who perished in WWII. The monument itself has massive metal sculptures of English airmen. There seems to be a lot of monuments throughout all of London that are WWII specific. When it comes to the park that I like most it is definitely West Hampstead. The swimming ponds and the vast open prairies that are sprinkled with old oaks make it really gorgeous. Hyde Park is a close second with its picturesque Serpentine Lake that is filled to the brim with huge swans. The vast size of Hyde is also really unique being in a park that large can make you forget that you’re still in a city. Something that I plan to do before leaving is renting a boat on the lake in Hyde or in Regent’s park. Another great afternoon activity would be to rent a bike and ride around Hyde and Kensington Garden. Overall, I think the parks of London are wonderful and add an amazing aspect making it even more dimensional. The city itself is  filled with so many things to do, I believe a person could live here their whole life and still not see everything that it has to offer.


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