Public Transportation

One of the defining aspects of the city of London is its public transportation system. The network of subterranean and above ground trains in addition to the double decker buses make it not only affordable but very easy for anyone to see all corners of the city. Before, departing for London I really did not realize the size of the city. Once arriving the immensity of this metropolis set in. At first the size was quite intimidating when trying to navigate routes to different destinations. Fortunately, thanks to its organization and convenience the London underground easily became apart of my everyday routine. There is really only one downfall because it is so efficient and reliable everyone else in London is also using it to get to and from. This made for some very warm and cramped train rides during the hours before and after the duration of the business day. Another form of transportation that the British fully uphold is cycling. As a cyclist myself I can fully appreciate this method of transportation. The amount of bikers in the city was overwhelming and compares to the large amount of cyclists in The Netherlands. The masses of businessmen, women and curriers filled the bike lanes of every street. On one of my final days in the city I too joined in on this phenomena and rented a Barclay’s bike. The renting stations are basically everywhere in the city and at a cost of two pounds for 24 hours who wouldn’t want to take one for a spin. Seeing the city streets from a bicycle was great it allowed for a more in touch feel with my surroundings.


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